Friday, 24 August 2012

Artist of the Week > Jessie Ware

Yikes its been ages since I've posted on this blog! Almost a year. Well one of my summer resolutions was to blog more so today I'm deciding to put that into action! I must admit I've been demotivated by posting onto this blog due to the adult content I've been forced to have (this isn't an 'adult' site) but I hope you wonderful readers won't be put off by it!

Album released 20th August 2012. Buy on Amazon

Anywhos onto the main business. Today was a slow day where the clouds overcast and rain drizzled throughout the afternoon; I was thinking of what to do especially as electricity was cut off for most of the day (mum working on sockets in the dining room) and thought I would pick up the dusty guitar and practice singing. I was stuck on what to sing and looked up Nina Nesbitt on Youtube (A wonderful acoustic indie singer-songwriter) and was directed to Jessie Ware, a 27 English singer-songwriter, under recommendations. There I clicked on her current single 'Wildest Moments'. A mellow slow paced radio-friendly song sung with indie soul, her tone is a delight to listen to. The video, directed by Kate Moross, is a simple yet a fitting music video for the song; simple song structure and repetitive choral lyrics yet ever so catching and I love the words and how they speak truth:
'Maybe in our wildest moments
We could be the greatest, we could be the greatest
Maybe in our wildest moments
We could be the worst of all'

I particularly love her acoustic rendition of this song featured on the deluxe edition of her début album 'Devotion'. Other favourites are 'Running' (the vocals and electric guitar are brilliant!) and 'Night Light'.

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