Monday, 30 August 2010

Photograph of the Day > Rickshaw by Adam Panczuk

Rickshaw by Adam Panczuk
Adam Panczuk Photography
I was browsing through icon_ology and was intrigued by the rickshaw story from Delhi as I've been on one and it's certainly an experience. The streets are bustling, full of life and colour, there's people going many places in all directions all around you. Everyone has a story and a destination. The fumes are overwhelming in such a crowded polluted city yet the breeze you get whilst sitting on the back of a rickshaw is wonderful in the sticky heat especially at night. It's also fascinating how some small men can carry such a great load carrying up to 3 even up to 4 people at once on a rickshaw. Also there's carriages that one rickshaw cyclists carry up to 8/9 people, their strength is amazing. 
I chose this photo Adam Panczuk as the quiet contentment in his eyes was peaceful even though his hard work is tedious. It's full of much effort especially at his age and very dangerous as he's scraping against buses, cars and avoiding the many people walking on the road only just for a few rupees to get him a little meal to eat. This journalistic photography works even better in monochrome and the shallow depth of field puts focus on his captivating eyes revealing a great story behind his eyes. I also like how this still reveals he's a rickshaw driver with the bicycle in the background. Panczuk has a series of photographs of this rickshaw story from 2000.

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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Lady Gaga's Awesome Outfits

Here are some crazy awesome outfits that Lady Gaga has wowed us with. She certainly clashes weird and wonderful with awe and trendsetting style. In my opinion Lady Gaga is the icon on the 21st century even if we're only 10 years in. I think she follows on from Michael Jackon being the icon of the 20th Century yet that can be debated whether Madonna was.
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 Lady Gaga and The Queen 12.09
2Lady Gaga 12.09
Lady Gaga 12.09
5.                          6.
  7.                         8.
Lady Gaga Singer Lady Gaga stands out with her unusual space costume-like outfit as she leaves her hotel.
lady gaga falling down 01
lady gaga dont stop believin 02

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Zombie - Natalia Kills, Music Video

I'm loving this video by new artist from Cherrytree Records/Interscope Records, Natalia Kills. I first got introduced to her by Swebb, so thank you! This video got released on 15th March 2010 on Vevo (Youtube), and I'm surprised it hasn't gotten at least a 100,000 views yet seeing that this video is awesome!
Watch it here now!

Music video by Natalia Kills performing Zombie. (C) 2010 Interscope Records

I've listened to this non-stop as it's catchy, has a edgy grinding beat and bass and the lyrics are great. Gotta love zombies! Also this video is amazing. I love the colour theme of red, black and grey, the graphics, layers of moving images and Natalia. It's sexy, suspenseful, macabre, and delves into people's darkest dreams. Natalia says it pays homage to the 1920's classic horror movies. Also this video is like 'New art house' style with the trendy typographic images, high contrast and the multiple exposures. The distinctive colour theme reminds me of work by El Lissitzky and Barbara Kruger. It also reminds me of a photographic darkroom where the only light it blood red.

The first two verses of the song: The lyrics go really well with the video story and manages capture that creepy atmosphere.

Im in love with a zombie.
Can't keep his hands off me.
I think hes looking at me,
But hes looking right through me...

You think you're so cool boy,
Blood rushin through my veins now.
Do you want me for my body?
Do you want me for my brain?

This video also gave me inspiration for this photo I took and edited :)

(C) Nisha Haq Photography

Teenage Dream, Katy Perry New Music Video

New music Video from Katy Perry has arrived!
Watch the it here now!

(C) 2010 Capitol Records

Catchy tunes, hot guys, great riffs and a sexy video can only come from Katy Perry. I must admit I wasn't too keen on California Gurls, however this follow up single is fun and makes you feel happy. It's certainly a feel good song and makes your reminisce of summer.

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Photograph of the Day > Bangladesh by Ben Liney

Wow. This is an amazing, captivating image of a Bengali man. The monochrome tones and those piercing eyes with that hard face certainly makes this photography speak a thousand words. I believe there is power yet hurt in his eyes even though he looks like a working man in poverty. Ben Liney has managed to capture an extraordinary image and the shallow depth of field has allowed him to focus purely on his deep expression. I've also featured this photograph due to my background being Bengali, and seeing a collection of photographs where my family is from is amazing to see. Even though Bangladesh is one the most impoverished countries in the world today, there is still a lot of life and culture to see.

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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Photograph of the Day > Biafra Woman by Don McCullin

Biafra Woman by Don McCullin

I was researching monochrome photojournalism and came across Don McCullin's extraordinary work depicting images of unemployed, downtrodden and the impoverished. His war photography has especially been hard-hitting to the media and viewers taking photographs of Vietnam war and Northern Ireland conflict. The above images was taken in war-torn Biafra in the 60's. When I saw this image, I was instantly shocked and great photo journalim has to have that effect. McCullin comments on his work:
'It is difficult to associate the word "dignity" with conditions such as I photograph, yet dignity is what I try to show.'
He manages to do both things in this photo, shock and dignity for the persons represented. The mother may be starved to her bones and practically have no milk in her breasts, yet she tries to feed her newborn with dignity. I haven't been horrified from a photo in a while and this photo certainly manages to do that. Also how McCullin manages to capture the soft sadness in her eyes is extraordinary. This image is much more demanding and emotive to the viewer in black and white.

Read more about Don McCullin at
Or at

Monday, 23 August 2010

Photograph of the Day > Hero Just for One Day by Chad Pitman

Heidi Mount by Chad Pitman

This is a wonderful image as I love the layering of random light rays, the shadowing, her expression and the shades of blue. This is a great fashion shot, and I also love the fashion in this. It's moody and mysterious; it's fashion! This was shot for Numéro magazine issue 116 featuring model Heidi Mount.

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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Photograph of the Day > Water & Oil by Steven Meisel

Meisel's work never ceases to amaze me as he continuously creates mind blowing fashion photographs with amazing concepts. This image of Kristen McMenamy was shot in a BP oil spill for the August 2010 Vogue Italia issue and apparently caused some controversy. It's great how he's used this opportunity to not only create a brilliant editorial spread but to raise awareness about the damages of oil spills has on the environment. In this shot, I love the concept of how Kristen is choking on the water and she's holding her throat. This is what the wildlife would feel drowing in oil, so this is certainly a powerful image whilst looking very fashionable. I also love how Meisel manages to get those rare gritty shots.

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Steven Meisel on

Friday, 20 August 2010

New Edits from Dibble Hawk Shoot I

So I've been busy editing away today and managed to edit 2 photos from the Mohawk shoot I did with Kim Dibble in July 2010 in Bridgwater. I'm quite chuffed that I actually cracked down and did some work, so all in all, I've been fairly productive with my time. Also found that listening to Michael Buble makes post processing more relaxing as well!

I want to explore many styles in portraiture photography and try to incorporate different methods and fashions. These edits have a softer touch to them and are not contrasty or dark like some of my other works have been. I didn't want to smother them with rusty textures as I wanted to maintain the soft pastel colours from the sunset shooting through the photograph. I think Kim looks really natural here and I'm really glad that I managed to capture it so quickly within a frame or two.

The fashion: Jumper, (Kim Dibble), Topshop
Lace Tights, (mine),
Combat Boots, (Sophie Higgins), New Look

Tip Toe My World

I added a Radial Blur (on Photoshop CS2 above, see Filter > Blur) to create a soft spinning world effect for the background.

A Peaceful Treat
I changed the 'E' in 'Street' to 'Treat' to go with the idea that the day was a 'treat' to experience and the beautiful sunset was peaceful.

See more at my DeviantArt

Bristol Art Gallery

On the 27th July 2010 I went to Bristol with my lovely friends, Swebb and Marianne who wanted a style makeover; so retail therapy it was. Woke up bright and early and walked to the train station on 4 hours sleep, which wasn't the most chirpiest feeling, nevertheless, styling my friends and going to Bristol art gallery was definitely worth it.

Whilst on the train, I would say I had many double takes or 'evil's glanced at my attire for the day. I wore a low cut red 'Latin' dress with holey black tights from Topshop and brown gladiator sandals from New Look, which apparently was too revealing for the day. But clothes are made to be worn, so I say, 'To Hell With It!'. The dress was from, see the dress here.

So we hit the shops in Cabot Circus where all the high street and designer shops were in Bristol. Went in Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Next, H&M, Burton, River Island, Primark, All Saints, La Senza and more. Managed to find a great outfit for Swebb and Marianne.

We quickly made our way up the monster of a hill, Park Street which wasn't fun if your feet were crumbling away however we eventually made our way to the art gallery. A great exhibition was on show; Art From the New World.

Art from the New World

Here are some of my favourite works:


Photograph of the Day > Tony Ward by Richard Burbridge

Tony Ward by Richard Burbridge

I haven't posted 'Photograph of the Day' for like 5 days which is really bad, but I shall get back into the swing of things of daily posting! I was getting my daily feed of Homotography and came across this feature. The photo above reminded me of a time when I said to my friend Swebb, that he would look good in stockings so I had to feature this photo! The opposing juxtaposition of being a gentleman on the top half of his body, then a lady on the bottom half is amusing to see. Its's great how Burbridge still manages to keep his manly side yet reveal a quirky feminine side. Is it weird to say he looks better than me in heels and stockings?
This will be featured in the Fall 2010 issue of 10 Men.

Click the title to see the full feature and see more Richard Burbridge work at Art + Commerce.

AS Level Results Day!

So today was A Level results day for the nation. Yesterday I was feeling okay and didn't really think much about today, but when I woke up this morning, gee was I getting anxious and fairly nauseated! I couldn't even eat my breakfast because I felt kind of sick which could also be due to stuffing my face for dinner the previous night; nevertheless, the fact I couldn't eat told me I was genuinely scared to open that envelope!

There have been many shocks today. First of all was managing to get out of bed at 7.30 on 5 hours sleep and then not missing the bus to go to town!

The second shock was the 'biggie' of the day. I was walking with Matt who I met at the bus station and we saw BBC Somerset at Bridgwater College with a camera. It made the day more daunting! I then met up with my friends, Laura, Georgia and Tiki in college. We then screamed at each other in anticipation and decided to make our ascent to get our results from the first floor.

I saw people upset, in total shock and jumping in excitement over their grades. It was still very early in the day at like 9.30 yet there were many people upstairs collecting their results. I walked over to the table where they had surnames beginning with 'H'. I couldn't wait to open my AS level results, so I tore open the envelope...and...

Discovered I miraculously managed to get 3 A's and a C! I was especially happy with the fact that I got full marks for my June exam in Sociology (120/120) which was pretty insane seeing I literally revised like 2 days before. I also got full marks for Graphic Design Unit 2 (80/80) which I'm very pleased with as I put so much effort into my sketchbooks, looks like it paid off. And for Photography I got an A too, and am happy I managed to get 117/120  for my coursework considering my exam had to be postponed a week due to a delayed flight from Seattle. The only disappointment was getting a C in psychology but I can retake that exam in Janurary. I'm glad I passed!

The shock of opening the letter and realizing what I got took a while. Photographs were being taken at my face looking either 'spaced out shock' or frowning as realization hadn't hit in yet. Photographers were everywhere and I had lots taken of my friends and I. I'm just glad I can say I got good results and that I'm smiling.

So all in all, it looks pretty good. Even though AS levels are just 50% of the overall A Level; you apply to University with these results and they can reject or accept. All I can say is that I'm rather chuffed with my 3 A's. All I want now is some A*'s for next year and to get into University with my results! Better start writing away on my personal statement!

Now that I've found out my AS level results, I'm dreading applying for Uni and choosing the right one for me! This academic year I better roll my sleeves up 'cos I've got a lot of work to do!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Photograph of the Day > Swimming by Johnny Lucas

Johnny Lucus Photography

This is a striking image. I'm thinking this was either done by continuous multiple exposure or that it was manipulated in post processing. Either method, it has made this image amazing to look at. I love the monochrome and the fairly high levels of contrast; it gives this image that extra 'punch'. The series of that man jumping is great to look at the journey from about to jump to entering the surface of the water. It's rather fascinating. It's like a mini-movie in whole photograph.

See more at icon_ology
Johnny Lucas at Behance

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Burlesque Trailer ft. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera stars in her first film role in Burlesque, alongside a great cast with Oscar winner Cher, Cam Gigadent, Stanley Tucci, Eric Dane, Alan Cumming and Kristen Bell. The movie looks great if you love dancing, singing and Christina Aguilera, which I do! Watch the trailer here:

The basic plot for this story is: (source: IMDb)
The Burlesque Lounge has its best days behind it. Tess (Cher), a retired dancer and owner of the venue, struggles to keep the aging theater alive, facing all kinds of financial and artistic challenges. With the Lounge's troupe members becoming increasingly distracted by personal problems and a threat coming from a wealthy businessman's quest to buy the spot from Tess, the good fortune seems to have abandoned the club altogether. Meanwhile, the life of Ali (Christina Aguilera), a small-town girl from Iowa, is about to change dramatically. Hired by Tess as a waitress at the Lounge, Ali escapes a hollow past and quickly falls in love with the art of burlesque. Backed by newfound friends amongst the theatre's crew, she manages to fulfill her dreams of being on stage herself. Things take a dramatic turn though when Ali's big voice makes her become the main attraction of the revue. Written by Bobby_John
Though this may be the typical recipe for singing/dancing Hollywood films I believe this may be more lavish and exciting due to Aguilera's big husky voice and a 'hot' cast who can actually act! This is directed and co-wrote by Steve Antin who is also an actor, producer, screenwriter and stunt man. This is his first directed movie that will be shown in cinema's so hopefully this will be a hit. Christina Aguilera has had disappointing sales from her latest album Bionic even though I think it's amazing. One of her strongest albums yet.

I do hope this movie which is to be released in USA 24th Nov and the UK, 17th Dec 2010 up sales of Bionic and puts her back on the hot celebrities of 2010/11 even though she didn't go anywhere, many people have thought that she has 'copied' Lady Gaga which is absurd seeing that Aguilera has been around for a decade setting new trends/looks and always creating 'ear-exploding' albums, mind blowing shows and eye-catching videos such as Beautiful.

I think casting Aguilera is a great choice as she has portrayed the 'pin up/burlesque' image before in her 'Back to Basics' album in 2006, especially in her singles 'Ain't No Other Man' and 'Candyman' where 1940's influence featured heavily.

The storyline for Burlesque may sound cheesy for some where Ali Rose wants to make it in Hollywood, words in a club, becomes fascinated by  Burlesque, makes it big in Hollywood, can't handle the fame, falls in love etc. However I think this could be a mix of 'Dreamgirls', 'Step Up', 'Make It Happen' and 'Fame'.

Here are some pin up shots that Christina Aguilera has done for magazines:

See more at the official film site: Burlesque


Photograph of the Day > Corpse Bride 2 by Laura Ferreira

©2008-2010 =SamuraiChopstick

Wow! That's the first reaction for this photograph. It's amazing how Laura Ferreira has captured the true essence of Tim Burton's 2005 extraordinary visionary animation, Corpse Bride featuring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. The fierce eye contact was the first thing that drew me to this photograph whilst looking through her Facebook page. This gives you quivers whilst your eyes appreciates the magical beauty of the image and concept. I love the attention to detail and the make-up and costume is exquisite. Ferreira's digital editing skills is also amazing as I love the rib cage effect on her body. In addition the blue tones and teal grey colours makes this photo stand out more and creates a chilling effect which I love. Her work is truly inspirational and wonderful.

See more on her Website

Friday, 13 August 2010

Photograph of the Day > Justin Gaston by Tony Duran

This is a great 'Rock 'n' Roll' fashion shot. I love the monochrome, the flying hair and of course the electric guitar! I was feeling in a rock chick mood today, so decided to feature 'Photograph of the Day' with an awesome Les Paul. If you look closely, Justin's middle finger is painted black which was a nice subtle touch to the photograph. Duran's fashion photography and celebrity portraits are beautiful. He can capture a person's character and mood in a photograph wonderfully. I also like his interesting take on portraits. I'll sure to be featuring his work again.

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Tony Duran Photography

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Photograph of the Day > Lady Gaga by Nobuyoshi Araki

This image is certainly the most erotic 'Photograph of the Day' feature; with Lady Gaga dressed in nothing but a rope constrained around her. This is bondage photography to the extreme! But you can't expect anything less from (pornographic) Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki. Despite this image being 'uncomfortable' for some viewers Araki has managed to capture Lady Gaga's wild character and her inner 'Marilyn Monroe' glamour. The coloured paint splotches slightly conceals the mature content of this photo whilst adding a vintage vibrant effect. Even though 'bondage' is associated with pain and S&M this photo doesn't convey any of that as Lady Gaga smiles naturally at the camera. Some may say this is beautiful, others grotesque; but when it comes to Lady Gaga, the least you can expect is a single opinion. Bravo for out roar.

This 'New Star' shoot featured in Vogue Hommes Japan with fashion direction by Nicola Formichetti, and styling by Shun Watanabe.

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Photograph of the Day > Joseph Gordon-Levitt by Norman Jean Roy

This expression on Gordon-Levitt's face may be posed but it's priceless. He's one of those people that demand's your attention as he's not only a pretty face but a charming actor. He's done movies such as 10 Things I Hate About You, to 500 Days of Summer to his latest blockbuster hit, Inception. I love how Jean Roy has captured such a wonderful unusual pose on a vertical pole. I also like the soft tones and colours in this. It looks pretty hard balancing on that pole whilst looking so content and natural in the face.  I also like how he's the main focus and the landscape behind him is just an accessory to the shot. He doesn't look like he's hanging on for dear life, this shot of him looks like his usual 'pole pose' and that he does this on a daily basis, which I find quite humorous. This celebrity shot is certainly quirky and lovable, like the actor himself. This was shot for August issue 2010 of Details magazine.

This is what Jospeph Gordon-Levitt said in Details:
"It's a bunch of bullshit, a waste of time," he says. "It depresses me. And I'm not easily depressed. When I'm at the grocery store, those magazines—they always suck me in. I go, 'I can't fuckin' believe that this is what we're looking at.' It's really sad. Why shouldn't there be beautiful works of art on the grocery stands? Like Bob Dylan said, you know, art doesn't belong in museums, it belongs in gas stations." - Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Details
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