Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Photograph of the Day > Joseph Gordon-Levitt by Norman Jean Roy

This expression on Gordon-Levitt's face may be posed but it's priceless. He's one of those people that demand's your attention as he's not only a pretty face but a charming actor. He's done movies such as 10 Things I Hate About You, to 500 Days of Summer to his latest blockbuster hit, Inception. I love how Jean Roy has captured such a wonderful unusual pose on a vertical pole. I also like the soft tones and colours in this. It looks pretty hard balancing on that pole whilst looking so content and natural in the face.  I also like how he's the main focus and the landscape behind him is just an accessory to the shot. He doesn't look like he's hanging on for dear life, this shot of him looks like his usual 'pole pose' and that he does this on a daily basis, which I find quite humorous. This celebrity shot is certainly quirky and lovable, like the actor himself. This was shot for August issue 2010 of Details magazine.

This is what Jospeph Gordon-Levitt said in Details:
"It's a bunch of bullshit, a waste of time," he says. "It depresses me. And I'm not easily depressed. When I'm at the grocery store, those magazines—they always suck me in. I go, 'I can't fuckin' believe that this is what we're looking at.' It's really sad. Why shouldn't there be beautiful works of art on the grocery stands? Like Bob Dylan said, you know, art doesn't belong in museums, it belongs in gas stations." - Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Details
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Swebb said...

Good quote for the picture :O
Very true!

mashnash said...

bob dylan is awesome :D
omg that's sooo true