Saturday, 7 August 2010

Photograph of the Day > Troubleshooter by `girltripped

Troubleshooter by `girltripped

I love this shot that WinterWolf Studios have created; its colourful, beautiful yet edgy and attractive. This photo was submitted on DeviantArt in October 2007 yet this image still comes to mind as one of `girltripped's best pieces. The scratched texture for the purple sky is awesome and makes the photo 'pop' that extra bit. The angle this shot is taken from works great as you read from the model up to the balloons and appreciate the image as a whole. The 'punky' fashion is eye-catching with the ripped hold ups, body hugging striped dress with a lovely waist clincher by Karen von Oppen and brown fur coat. There's nothing to dislike in this photo as the styling has this alternative rock chick look which I love and the colours aren't too bright yet stand out. The model, Emma Palmer's soft, laid back expression is quietly alluring and the balloons creates a young 'carefree' feel to the photo. Overall a cracking shot.

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