Thursday, 15 July 2010

Review Hot Trend: Army Military

So I've realized I haven't posted entry about trends at the moment. With designers already launching their Fall/Winter 2010 collections I thought I'd embrace the hottest trends for this summer while it lasts. I can't be thinking about woolly hats and fur coats just yet! Even though the Spring/Summer 2010 collections were revealed ages ago it's only just got into its swing and being worn by the general public. It takes a little while for trends to be whittled down to high street stores, then caught on by the public and in turn recognised as an actual working trend!

The trend that I have loved this summer was:

Army Military
Jean Paul Gautier S/S 2010
I love the asparagus/dark khaki colour theme, knee high lace up worker boots, mesh top. This outfit is a great ensemble, chic; grunge; casual.
See more about Jean Paul Gautier here on Artsy.

Balmain S/S 2010
I adore this military jacket! The embellishment on the shoulders are beautiful with the leather black pants creates a sexy ensemble. Balmain S/S 2010 collection I think was one of the best this summer.

More from Balmains' collection
(courtesy of
I also love how this collection has also incorporated 80's punk/grunge with holey t-shirts and leather biker jackets and the colour theme of army green and black. It fuses garments that are wonderful for day wear and nightwear.

Max Mara S/S 2010
I love the laid back feel to this outfit and the sheer blouse adds a delicate touch of femininity to traditional boyish colours. The baggy trousers are also very chic this season. Although this ensemble may not be typically military the colour theme suggests it was army inspired.

Also, another continuing trend that has been around since 2009 is the military combat boot that has been both fashionable for male and female.

Rihanna's Rude Boy single cover

Above, with black combat boots.

Below, (left-right) Christina Aguilera, Chloe Sevigny, Rihanna seen with military combat boots

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