Thursday, 15 July 2010

Durleigh Bikini Shoot

I did a bikini fashion shoot recently in June 2010 with my gorgeous friends, Lauhren Jones and Kim Dibble who were a joy to work with and were great models! I had worked with Lauhren numerous times and we had always managed to click with great ideas. She's a natural poser and very photogenic. Kim, on the other hand was the first time she modelled and that I had worked with her, however after loosening up she gave me beautiful expressions and understood quickly what I was visioning. Altogether being my second fashion shoot went rather successfully despite the battery being very low for the whole shoot and eventually dying on set!

I went location scouting the day before the shoot and managed to find a vast wheat field that was a wonderful backdrop especially on a beautiful sunny day. It was very fortunate that the set wasn't too far away from where I lived in Durleigh, Somerset, UK. It was very funny and awkward on set at the beginning as this was the first time the models had done a bikini shoot in a 'public place' (there wasn't anyone around but we didn't know that) and so being confident and radiant was difficult at first. Also we kept getting visions of a farmer shouting to get off his land and Lauhren and Kim would have to leg it in their bikini's!

I also found another great background scenery in Durleigh whilst on my location scout that gave a grunge feel that would work great with a fashion shoot. I stumbled across an abandoned building site that had turned rusty which was near a dusty workshop that really looked like a set for a SAW movie and what looked like an unused rover car and boat. I later realized that the supposedly abandoned site was actually private property so it was quite a thrill knowing that anyone could walk in and could get prosecuted, maybe for indecent exposure?!?! But the level of gorgeousness Lauhren and Kim were, I doubt anyone would be so harsh! haha

Here are some edited shots from the shoot:

model: Kim Dibble

(model: Lauhren Jones)

(models: Lauhren Jones, Kim Dibble)

(model: Kim Dibble)

(models: Lauhren Jones, Kim Dibble)

(models: Lauhren Jones, Kim Dibble)

Behind the scene shots:


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