Saturday, 31 July 2010

We all Want a Little Clark Kent Part I

Matt Bomer doing the 'Clark Kent' look
So I was getting my daily gossip feed from and came across the handsome face of Matt Bomer, 32. I was compelled by his piercing blue eyes, curvy brunette hair and the bold thick framed glasses which seems to still be a hot trend this summer. At first I thought it was 'Clark Kent!' then realized it was the guy from US TV series, 'White Collar' and 'Chuck'.

Due to my increasing curiosity to who this dashing Clark Kent lookalike was, I Googled him (I'm not advertising search engine preference, it's just a common phrase which happens to be the search engine I use!). I found out that he actually was due to play Clark Kent for the Superman reboot, 'Superman Returns'! It is no wonder that I instantly identified him as Clark Kent.

I then went back to and realized that the thick framed glasses look is turn on and certainly gives the sexy nerd look that I'm loving at the moment. Clark Kent has certainly brought back a trend to love!

Talking about the 'Clark Kent' trend, here's a shot of Tom Welling who plays Clark Kent for the US TV series, Smallville, wearing those statement glasses in the show:
Tom Welling playing Clark
Kent in Smallville

Tom Welling has also done a fashion shoot called 'Making Headlines' with Maryna Linchuk photographed by Steven Meisel inspired by Clark Kent for Vogue. 
The scene where Lois Lane puts on Clark's glasses (here the roles are reversed)
Making the 'nerd' glasses fashionable, chic and sophisticated!
See more:
And for the original Clark Kent, Christopher Reeve (bless his soul!): 
Here are some cool examples of celebrities embracing the 'Clark Kent' glasses trend:

    Robert Buckley from One Tree Hill    Simon Baker from The Mentalist

                           Jay Z                           Chris Brown (his lips are really pink?)

            Aaron Tveit in Ugly Betty                                     Joe Jonas

       Colin Firth in Tom Ford's, A Single Man                    Nicholas Hoult for
              (60's hot trend re-invented)                      Tom Ford Eyewear S/S 2010

So I'm certainly loving this new nerdy trend and wish I could pull off with sex appeal! Of course, it's not just the guys who have embraced this hot new trend. The girls look equally as sexy and sophisticated in these 'Clark Kent' rimmed glasses. Part II of this entry coming soon for the sexy females and ultra cool nerdy glasses!

So do you think this is HOT or NOT?


Swebb said...

Nerd glassed rock!
Shall be buying a pair in Londinium me thinks. Can't really say if they are hot or not, looks different on everyone :p

mashnash said...

haha.. they do!
i reckon they'll suit you me dear, you have a long face; so you can pull it off!
yeah, kinda does depend on your face, but celebrities have certainly been rockin' this trend reviving it from the 60s!