Saturday, 24 July 2010

I'm an Official Stylist!

I'm really happy to say this as it seems that I'm official stylist to two of my friends! Apparently I know about fashion and that I know how to dress and they want my advice which is always good to know your opinion is valued! So I'm rather chuffed about that.

My friend Swebb, ( asked me if I could style him and change his look which I was very excited to hear. So we went shopping in Taunton and I managed to find some lovely clothes that suited him. As he is skinny and tall I had a clear idea of what would suit him plus I just had to get him into skinny jeans; he has the perfect body shape for it! I was tired of his baggy clothes that did nothing for his figure. Yes, guys should dress themselves with clothes that fit!

I decided to be his Gok Wan for the day and it paid off seeing that his friend, Ellen commented on how hot he looked and that he looked stylish which I was very proud of!

                        Before                                                *After

The next thing I have to do is sort out the hair. I believe that flat straight fringe needs some life and lift! Swebb agreed to me shooting him (photographically!) and I shall be posting some photos of his new style/look hopefully soon. The smart/casual style looks great on him! Let's hope he keeps his style!

*Skinny Jeans, Topman / Shoes, Topman / Shirt, Primark / Tie, Burton

So my next challenge is getting a new look for my friend, Marianne. She has a lovely figure but wants to have a new style makeover. As her body shape can go with many styles I shall be thinking away and trying on many outfits when we go shopping in Bristol! I shall blog about how it goes soon.

Comment on your opinions on Swebb's new look and what ideas you have for his hair style.


Anonymous said...

He looks gorgeous Nash! Your blog is amazing sweetheart! xoxo

Swebb said...

Not sure about the hair but ill trust you dude haha x

mashnash said...

hey grace :) thank you dear
loving your beauty blog too!

swebb, i shall make you irresistible! haha x

MJ :) said...

Lovely figure? Dude. How wrong you are! Can't wait to see you though :) x

mashnash said...

doood you do have a lovely figure! you should believe that you do :D
same dood mon/tues shall be awesome!! x