Thursday, 29 July 2010

Photograph of the Day > Rihanna by Steven Klein

Rihanna by Steven Klein
Vogue Italia

This image of Rihanna is very dominating and powerful. Rihanna has the amazing ability to capture the viewers attention by just standing there. She's 5'9" but here looks over 6'0" tall due to below angle the photo was taken from. Also her body looks jaw dropping in this! This photo is from a series of 'Extreme Couture' and with Rihanna's eccentric style and hardcore rock chick looks, there wasn't anyone better to pull these haute couture pieces. In addition, with Steven Klein extraordinary photographic skill and natural eye for aesthetic this collaboration was meant to be. I love Klein's post processing as well, the grey tones and slight use of solarization works wonderfully giving the photo that extra punch. This photo shoot was featured in Vogue Italia, September 2009 issue.

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