Saturday, 22 January 2011

Concept Video: New Lady Gaga Remix for Thierry Mugler Fashion Film

N.B I've just realized my facts have been mistaken in this post so I've changed it as of 09/03/11

Was getting my usual feed on my favourite artists, Lady Gaga of course being one of them and came across this rather interesting, monochromatic fashion master piece from the marvellous Thierry Mugler. I've just realized that the fabulous Nicola Formichetti has been appointed the new creative director of Mugler. The remix is said to of the song 'Scheiße' and will appear on Gaga’s upcoming album, Born This Way, due for release May 23rd. The track was remixed by Gaga, who acted as musical director for the designer’s runway show for Paris Fashion Week. 

I love the Mugler's designs, and conceptual creations. The make up artistry permanent tattoo ink is extraordinary and I love the creepy yet enticing feel this short film gives. It's horror meets couture. The lighting, shadows, slow motion, camera shake work really well for this idea. The scene with the thin black scarf and the wind machine is wonderful. I think this adds a romantic, disturbed element (as he's covered in black ink). Also the permanent tattooed Rick Genest aka 'Zombie Boy' is really good; I like how he connects with the camera and his subtle eye movements. The remix is also pretty catchy. I'm really getting into fashion films and this is one of the most interesting ones I've seen. Also can't wait until Gaga's new album comes out!

Friday, 21 January 2011

André Ziehe by Costas Avgoulis

Love this editorial of André Ziehe by Costas Avgoulis for Gamos magazine; styling, hair & makeup by Panos Pitsilidis. I like the graphic design element and the Christian symbolism. Very interesting and creative! :D

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Nisha Haq Photography > Studio Practice Dec 2010

One of my many resolutions for this year is to keep on top of my blogging and to update my photo shoots so here goes that motion :D

It had been some time since I used the studio, managed to figure out the studio lighting and all the technical equipment. I had help from my photography teacher during my lesson and feel more confident now using the studio. Definitely going to use it more often; you can create so many moods, shadows etc from just a studio. Hoping to do a fashion shoot in the studio sometime with full hair/make-up, styling etc.

Here are some edits from the studio shoot I did in Dec 10th, 2010 using my peers from my Photography class.

Photography, Post-Processing: Nisha Haq
Models: Sophie Higgins, Jess Croker, Brad Palmer, (Portia Saunders)
Taken: 13 Dec 2010
Location: Bridgwater College Studio
Camera: Canon EOS Kiss x4
Software: Photoshop CS2

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model: Sophie Higgins
I liked the energy in this photo so decided to splatter bright coloured paint around which led to the 'Colour Your Life' typography. I love colour so kind of went to town with this edit. Font used: U.S. 101 from

model: Jess Croker
I hadn't done a lot of monochrome portraits in a while and thought this was ideal for this photograph. Whilst editing this I added a blue/yellow tint which reminded me of a Chuck Close daguerreotype.

model: Brad Palmer
I wanted to liven the background a little so added an orange/pink gradient to add warmth. As this was a fairly quick edit it's not perfect however as studio practice, came out rather well.


Nisha Haq Photography > Ady Winter Canal Shoot I

I've been fairly slow with updating what I've been doing recently especially my latest photo shoots but I'm getting there!
I did a shoot with the lovely Ady Endicott (I love her hair and freckles) and really pleased how it turned out. Unfortunately, the male model I had booked as well couldn't make it, so was bit of a shambles as I had to change the story of the shoot last minute nevertheless Ady was great to work with and was a natural. I think this was one of the best shoots I've done so far as Ady had a lot of poses, ideas and facial expressions she offered and as a photographer, it's great to work with someone who has that natural ability; there's more variation. At the moment I've only edited 3 photos, but there's loads more to edit in my bank of photos from this fun shoot. Thanks Ady! :D

SEE PART II (more edits)

Photography, Post-Processing: Nisha Haq
Model: Ady Endicott
Fashion & Hair/Make-up: Ady Endicott
Taken: 13 Dec 2010
Location: Canal near Bridgwater
Camera: Canon EOS Kiss x4
Software: Photoshop CS2

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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Rafael Lazzini by Dennison Bertram

Following on from Adam Levine's Naked shoot with Comso UK, I came across this lovely soft but sexy shoot of Brazilian model Rafael Lazzini photographed by Dennison Bertram (personal shoot). I love his tattoos and the soft, misty sunlight used. Simple and effective, this shoot is called Heaven is for Rockstars.

See more:Dennison Bertram Photography
Source: Homotography

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Adam Levine Gets Naked to Support Everyman

Hot from, Adam Levine strips off for February 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan UK and to raise awareness for new cancer Everyman campaign to encourage men to check for signs of prostate and testicular cancer. I must say, the most daring are usually the most noticed. With his model girlfriend's hands (Anne Vyalitsyna) to cover his 'naughty bits', this certainly gets my attention. It's great advertising technique despite it being used by many other celebrities; it never tires, especially if it's someone hot like Levine, front man of Maroon 5 (I love his tattoos!!) I think even straight guys would like some Levine.
Photographed by Ben Riggott.

Sources: Just Jared, Homotography, Refinery29

adam levine naked cancer 02

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Content Warning

Hello readers

Due to some readers finding this blog 'objectionable' as I may have violated some terms and conditions by Google or Blogger, I have decided to put a content warning not to offend people. I am sorry if you have found my blog offensive (and felt the need to report it). I did not intend to create this blog filled with nudity and has only featured slightly. As this blog covers topics I find interesting and I like to report/share what's current in the fashion industry and new music releases. In popular culture, more so in fashion photography, there is a lot of sexual imagery and content which I have decided to cover found from other blogs and photography sites which do not have content warning. In the future I shall also put an explicit warning at the top of the post however will continue to report new fashion shoots and topics of interest and hope to not offend any more people.

It would be appreciated if there is a need to comment/report this blog and it's content that you would contact me beforehand. I had believed that my account was hacked and was notified there was 'unusual activity'. This has meant that I hadn't had access to my account for 4-5 days which has been troublesome as I use this blog to help me with my coursework and studies. When my blog was down it was redirected to a error BZ-#### page and linked to a blogger help forum. If people are experiencing this problem check your Google account and click on the blogger link on your homepage.

I will incorporate putting explicit notices at the top of the post to warn people of the content.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year :)