Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Content Warning

Hello readers

Due to some readers finding this blog 'objectionable' as I may have violated some terms and conditions by Google or Blogger, I have decided to put a content warning not to offend people. I am sorry if you have found my blog offensive (and felt the need to report it). I did not intend to create this blog filled with nudity and has only featured slightly. As this blog covers topics I find interesting and I like to report/share what's current in the fashion industry and new music releases. In popular culture, more so in fashion photography, there is a lot of sexual imagery and content which I have decided to cover found from other blogs and photography sites which do not have content warning. In the future I shall also put an explicit warning at the top of the post however will continue to report new fashion shoots and topics of interest and hope to not offend any more people.

It would be appreciated if there is a need to comment/report this blog and it's content that you would contact me beforehand. I had believed that my account was hacked and was notified there was 'unusual activity'. This has meant that I hadn't had access to my account for 4-5 days which has been troublesome as I use this blog to help me with my coursework and studies. When my blog was down it was redirected to a error BZ-#### page and linked to a blogger help forum. If people are experiencing this problem check your Google account and click on the blogger link on your homepage.

I will incorporate putting explicit notices at the top of the post to warn people of the content.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year :)


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