Sunday, 9 January 2011

Nisha Haq Photography > Studio Practice Dec 2010

One of my many resolutions for this year is to keep on top of my blogging and to update my photo shoots so here goes that motion :D

It had been some time since I used the studio, managed to figure out the studio lighting and all the technical equipment. I had help from my photography teacher during my lesson and feel more confident now using the studio. Definitely going to use it more often; you can create so many moods, shadows etc from just a studio. Hoping to do a fashion shoot in the studio sometime with full hair/make-up, styling etc.

Here are some edits from the studio shoot I did in Dec 10th, 2010 using my peers from my Photography class.

Photography, Post-Processing: Nisha Haq
Models: Sophie Higgins, Jess Croker, Brad Palmer, (Portia Saunders)
Taken: 13 Dec 2010
Location: Bridgwater College Studio
Camera: Canon EOS Kiss x4
Software: Photoshop CS2

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model: Sophie Higgins
I liked the energy in this photo so decided to splatter bright coloured paint around which led to the 'Colour Your Life' typography. I love colour so kind of went to town with this edit. Font used: U.S. 101 from

model: Jess Croker
I hadn't done a lot of monochrome portraits in a while and thought this was ideal for this photograph. Whilst editing this I added a blue/yellow tint which reminded me of a Chuck Close daguerreotype.

model: Brad Palmer
I wanted to liven the background a little so added an orange/pink gradient to add warmth. As this was a fairly quick edit it's not perfect however as studio practice, came out rather well.


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