Monday, 20 September 2010

Self-Portrait Photography I featuring Lara Jade

I decided to do a feature on self-portrait photography for my graphics project where I am 'exploring myself' to find out 'who I am'. Many artists and photographers have tried to do this and one way of finding themselves is to see how they capture themselves on camera. What expression, make-up do they put on? Oscar Wilde once said 'Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.' and I believe can be applied to all mediums of art. 

Self Oct 08 by Lara Jade
I love this self-portrait by Lara Jade. This is emotive, vulnerable and very deep. Her eyes are so captivating and alluring. She's one of the most beautiful photographers I've seen and doing self-portraits with a face like hers is always a bonus! Lara Jade was one of the first photographers I really admired and was inspired to do photography before I knew all the famous photographer like Nick Knight, Mario Testino, Mert & Marcus etc  from magazines. I was too poor to buy the bulky fashion mags! Lara Jade has done many self-portraits, her very early work was mainly made up of this type of photography but I decided to chose one of her later photographs of herself due to her mature beauty and concept. I also love how she edits her photographs; in this particular one, I like the textured layers to create atmosphere and rough edge. I like how her fingers look like they're disjointed and her hair is tangled; she manages to look beautiful yet dark and slightly broken.

Here's some more of her beautiful self-portraits. I especially like her black/white self-portraits.

(no copyright infringement intended) © lara jade 2010

See more of her work (especially fashion) here:

Self-Portrait Photography II coming soon.

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