Saturday, 11 September 2010

Photograph of the Day > Ian Somerhalder by John Russo

'About Face'

I love Ian Somerhalder mainly because he plays the hottest vampire ever in Vampire Diaries; forget Twilight!! And the fact he looks so sincere and soft in this photo is beautiful; John Russo certainly knows how to capture true emotion. This simple monochrome film portrait is handsome, elegant and pensive. His eyes are very deep and draws the viewer closer to him. Maybe he's using his Damon charm?!? (the character he plays in Vampire Diaries). Today media exploits sex and fashion photography is no exception; sex seems to sell however seeing a simple portrait like this is refreshing. John Russo took amazing portraits of other celebrities on using natural light and type 55 Polaroid film. I love how he's stripped of any veil celebrities tend to wear and he's only showing raw emotion.

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R said...

Bee-you-tee-full!! :)

mashnash said...

so true
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