Thursday, 2 September 2010

Photograph of the Day > Daria Werbowy by Mikael Jansson

This photograph is certainly erotically charged with litres of oil used on the models and a moody blue lighting. Some might describe this image as a soft orgy or just a fun 'black' club with a gorgeous hot white model in the centre of attention, yes, Daria Werbowy is certainly in the house. She's my favourite model and simply oozes sex appeal and her figure is to die for. This photograph certainly commanded my attention due to the great story behind this editorial and it isn't simply a model standing still in a studio. All the models has a interesting story to tell behind their expression; from the two female models on the right about to kiss to the black woman peeping up from the bottom of the frame with a pained/pleasured expression on her face; this is a vivid image! The set is amazing and Jansson captures all the models with ease and much depth. How he manages to direct so many models at once all doing different things and looking in dissimilar directions is amazing. 
This editorial is called 'Let's Get Lost' for Interview Magazine May 2010 and styled by Karl Templer.

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