Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wow! Bullet Slicing Photography by Alexander Augusteijn

These shots photographed by Alexander Augusteijn I came across on Trendhunter are absolutely amazing! The accuracy, dedication, experimentation and technicality involved with these series of shots is inspiring, beautiful and simply breathtaking. To be able to shoot faster than a bullet is extraordinary! You may be thinking that he just edited it on Photoshop however these images are completely legitimate. 

Photo Source:
"I am a photographer from the Netherlands, specializing in high speed photography. I use a normal flash to achieve very short illuminations. The most critical parameter in this kind of photography is timing, which is achieved by computer control of shutter, flash, valve, gun or whatever other device is used.

These kind of images require a lot of experimentation, dedication, patience and willingness to endlessly clean spill of liquids and debris from objects shot to pieces. Several hundreds of trial shots may be needed to get timing correct. After that, the process is pretty well controlled, and often half of the shots will be usable, with 1 out of 10 really interesting."


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