Saturday, 4 September 2010

Self-Portrait Pop Art Edits

I've been wanting to create interesting self-portraits for some time and thought I'd try a pop art graphic design approach rather than emotive monochrome portraits I have done many times before. I had already taken a batch of random self-portraits and thought I could experiment on those.

This is what I created in 3 hours.
 A LOL society. I decided on using famous youth acronyms which is said/written every second by people around the world. (In case you didn't know, it means Laugh Out Loud). This photo of me is all girly and sweet looking, hence I chose to put LOL underneath. I also 'clone stamped' my mouth for emphasis on LOL.

I was looking at advertising campaigns and thought of the new Diesel 'Be Stupid' A/W 2010 campaign where they've used innovative photographs and bold, bright Impact font pasted on top. This gave me the idea of using bold font for my photographs. 

This is the second edit I did and I think I'm pulling a 'WTF' face. (This means What The Fuck?) I played around with rough textures to add to the mood of the photo and also clone stamped my mouth to make look my jaw is dropping. I was inspired by Gilles Et Dada F/W 2010 shot by Federico Cabrera.


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