Thursday, 30 September 2010

Self-Portrait Photography II featuring Josefine Jönsson

First of all I would like to say sorry that I haven't posted in a while! Been very busy with college work, but I've decided to try to at least post one every 2 days.

I decided to do a feature on self-portrait photography for my graphics project where I am 'exploring myself' to find out 'Who I Am'. Check out Part I to this ongoing series of entries for Self-Portraiture > 'Self-Portrait Photography I featuring Lara Jade' Many artists and photographers have tried to do this and one way of finding themselves is to see how they capture themselves on camera. What expression, make-up do they put on? Oscar Wilde once said 'Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.' and I believe can be applied to all mediums of art.

This post features Josefine Jönsson self-portraits who I found on DeviantArt. Her work is often conceptual based, have horror/macabre elements, dark and is very atmospheric. Her location shots are beautiful and I love her creative imagery and thought-provoking ideas.

I chose this very recent self-portrait of Josefine as the moody dark navy colours, shallow depth of field and obscurity of her face is very captivating, cryptic and creepy. I love how her hand reaches out to the viewer as if she's about to grab you and pull you in or reach out to you like she's grasping for help. To me this is powerful image as it evokes feelings of fear, awe and horror. The toning of the the blues is beautiful.

See more images of her work at DeviantArt, Flickr, Carbonmade, Wordpress

© 2006-2010 Josefine Jönsson

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