Friday, 10 September 2010

Sexy Mannequin Shots of Megan Fox by Craig McDean

Not your typical fashion shoot! But when is great fashion photography ever typical!? These awesome shots of Megan Fox by amazing photographer Craig McDean are certainly captivating, sexy and demands your attention. Fox oozes sex appeal and wasn't hard to capture this side to her however Craig McDean adds an interesting narrative to this which makes these images more than photos you'd gaze upon in awe.

Her expression is angelic yet sultry; how does she do this!?!

Watch the short video to this editorial by Craig McDean, music by Charlotte Gainsbourg, for Interview Magazine.

I love this shoot especially photo below. Megan Fox certainly looks sexy here, but two Mrs Foxs is double the fun. Although this may be a playful, sensual image there is an underlying message to this; confrontation with oneself and facing up to 'who you are'. She holds the mannequin's replica of her own face with force and anger however there is sexual tension? Also the mannequin's wrists has chains on holding black rubber gloves suggesting a BDSM element. intensifying the sexual content.

The dominatrix jet black bob, porcelain skin and luscious red lips makes this shoot charged with sexual energy.

She's spooning herself!?!

And straddling herself!?!

This shoot uses a lot of underlying sexual content!

Plays on vanity; does she love or hate herself?

Is she secretly obsessed with herself. She holds her own hand as if she needs comfort or longing lust.

She goes on top and blindfolds herself!?!

I love the styling, fashion and make up. This is one of the best Interview editorials I've seen. Shot for June/July 2010 issue.

Craig McDean Photography


Olivia H said...

Loving this shoot-amazing photography.
There's so much symbolism and deeper meaning, and creepiness I could look at them for ages and still find them brilliant
Great blog! xx

Olivia H said...

Love this shoot-amazing photography.
There's so much deeper meaning and creepiness I could look at them for ages and still find them brilliant.
Great blog! xx

mashnash said...

i know.. awesome shoot!
would love to shoot like that one day! :)
high five dear :)
thank you very much.. and yours also!
Miss you x

Anonymous said...

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Nisha Haq said...

thank you very much 'anonymous'!
I'm very happy to hear your kind thoughts on my blog!
Many thanks again :)

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