Friday, 3 September 2010

New Edits from the Dibble Hawk Shoot II

So I've done some more edits. I admit some were edited quickly but I'll upload as a daily upload. Check out previous edits here from previous posts: New Edits from the Dibble Hawk Shoot I and The Dibble and Mohawk Shoot.

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Phone Sex?
I experimented with vignette effects on this. Thought the title 'Phone Sex?' would be funny!

Supergirl's in Town
It was hard getting a good light balance as the primary light source was behind her however I liked the shadow effects. It gave me the 'Supergirl' idea.

Let the Sun Shine
This was a quick edit. I'm not too keen on her expression and how the jumper looks lifeless on her however I chose to edit as I liked the warm brick colour and tried out layering effects.

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