Saturday, 31 July 2010

Dibble and the Mohawk Shoot

Yesterday I did a photo shoot with my Kim Dibble who I befriended through Lauhren Jones on the Durleigh Bikini Shoot. Due to beautiful tall figure and looks, it was inevitable to do another shoot together plus we both want to practice on modelling and photographing. I decided to do it later in the day during sunset as I love the angle of the sunlight shooting through the photo plus there's less people in the day after work! Wanted to have a deserted feel to the shoot, not really a 'rockstar' look, but laid back rock chick feel.

I was quite excited about doing this shoot as I simply love shooting plus I loved the theme and the day was beautiful. I do choose the best days!

When I arrived at the rendezvous point at Blake Statue in Bridgwater Town I realized there were more people that I anticipated, but it wasn't too busy so it was okay. However we did get quite a few weird looks which made Kim a little self-conscious but we overcame that fairly quickly.

The sky was souring with Azure blue with the vibrant sun at 7.00pm. It was my favourite time of day which made it that extra more fun to shoot. At first it was hard getting into the swing of things plus I realized that Kim's camera she kindly let me borrow wasn't an SLR, but putting that aside; we eventually got some cracking shots.

The first location, I wanted to get was Bridgwater Town's landmarks; the Cornhill, Blake Statue and St. Mary's Church in the background. This made Kim really stand out and look powerful with her killer heels, legs to die for and the ''Hawk'!

Here is my first edit from the shoot and at Bridgwater Town Centre:
Dibble and the Mohawk I / model: Kim Dibble / taken: July 2010

For this photo I wanted to experiment with layers and textures (the clouds is a texture, the sky was clear blue that day) and see what I could do with monochrome and posterizing the background. I like how the mowark stands out (I made her hair darker). Also someone had asked whether her legs were airbrushed but Kim is naturally that slim! Love her figure :)

You can see the before and after photo and what I added to the original to create the final edit:

And a photo from the second location was taken in a park/someone's back garden (not too sure). We still wanted to get that secluded feel so went to quieter place in Bridgwater. All the clothes in this shoot was Kim's except from lace tights and biker jacket which were mine and combat lace up boots which Sophie Higgins kindly loaned to us.

I really love the lighting in this and the direction of the sunlight was perfect. Kim looks amazing here:
Just Dreamin' I / model: Kim Dibble / taken: July 2010

I love Kim's eyes in this. I enhanced them by added saturation to give them that extra 'pop' and used a texture for the purple/navy/soft gold colours. I also cropped and repositioned this photo to make her face more central.

Here are the before and after effects on the edit:

Shall be posting more edits from this shoot. Click on 'My Portfolio' tab at the top of the page or see it on my flickr photostream on the right column >.

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