Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Photograph of the Day > Wings of Desire by Hunter & Gatti

The double exposure effect work really well for this photo. It looks like he is levitating and the man's face in the centre is the guiding voice. In my opinion this is a spiritual fashion photo even though the styling looks rather like a lizard. =S

Magazine: View On Fashion
Editorial: Wings of Desire
Fashion editor: Anita Reartes |VIEWONFASHION.COM®|
Model: Gerhard Freidl |View Men|
Stylist: Christopher Campbell
Fashion Assistant: Carissa L. Cirino
Make up: Samantha Trinh for Dior Beauty |Atelier Management|
Hair Stylist: Robert Lyon for Cutler/Redken |Atelier Management|
Photography by Hunter & Gatti
Website: www.viewonfashion.com

Hunter & Gatti Photography: http://hunterandgatti.blogspot.com/

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