Friday, 16 July 2010

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This weeks' artist focuses on amazing photographer Ren Rox who I discovered on ( icon_ology. She's London based and has work published in The Face, Dazed & Confused, NME, Stella (The Telegraph. etc. She was also shortlisted in the Portraiture category at the 2010 Sony World Photography Awards.

I especially love her black/white film work as she's inspired me for my A level project where we have to use b/w film. Her double exposures are executed excellently and I hope to produce double exposures like that. I love how she incorporates documentary style photography with edgy portraiture/fashion which I have chosen for my first project. So thank you Ren Rox for your inspiring work!

This is a double exposure self-portrait of Rox.

can't you hear me knocking

film double exposure

This is very haunting image with her eyes obscured and her mouth partially open. I love how she's used black/white film and double exposed it; it's a brilliant outcome. Feelings that are evoked from this photo is fear and silent panic.

some velvet morning

Another beautiful self-portrait double exposure on b/w film.

the most amazing sunset I've ever seen. Ipanema, 31/01/09. double exposure. no effects/Photoshop... just nature.

Double exposed photo taken in Brazil on film. I adore the orange sunset colours firing through the sky and the quiet sea and the man's feet.

you're a star in your own cinema

Karina N © Ren Rox

Another double exposed b/w photo on 35mm film. This is very eerie with the graveyard and her haunted melancholic face. 

Crystal Castles / Ethan

Cover feature for Artrocker magazine, February '08.
© Ren Rox
This is another great photo, the fusion of purple and green creates a 3D effect and the eyes are situated in places that create a confusing but interesting photo. This is photography pop-art style!

♪ ♬ Billie Jean ♬ ♬

Leomie @ Premier / film double exposure .

Simply beautiful.

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All images are copyright by Ren Rox. I do not own these images.

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