Monday, 19 July 2010

Numb, Linkin Park Acoustic Cover

So I thought I'd be musical and more artistic this summer and write and cover songs on my guitar! I've chosen to cover Numb by Linkin Park because I love the lyrics and chord changes. It's also very easy to learn! Plus Linkin Park are a great rock band!

Numb, Linkin Park, Acoustic Park

Sorry for the really bad quality! I used Debut Video Capture Software which is free but you have to pay to upgrade and so I couldn't record in mpeg 4 format which is best for videos otherwise the video and audio go out of sync when you upload to Youtube. So I had to keep converting this file to mpeg 4 which meant resizing the video hence the low quality :( I think I may record from my camera instead!

I played on Capo 2, using chords Em, C, G D and B in the bridge. I used this to help me:


Swebb said...

Dude you're an amazing singer :D
That and your photography you're set for life :) x

mashnash said...

haha. why thank you dood! :)
aww thanks soo much. :D
dood with your amazing knowledge on oriental pop culture you're set for life too! x

Anonymous said...

Genuine Jealous vibes. Why are you sooo talented? I'm going to end up working in Mcdonalds with Swebb ;) Haha! M xxx

mashnash said...

thanks :)
btw may i ask who you are?
and im sure you won't end up working in mcdonalds with swebb! :D
nash x

Anonymous said...

Dude. Think. I'm one of the few people who would relate swebb to mcdonalds- so i must know him well. And I'm reading your blog and answered my comment with M? Got it yet ;)

mashnash said...

doood. i kinda realized after i posted my comment.. M soo had to stand for you! lol
ok im a bit slow! haha
love your new blog dear :D x