Thursday, 8 July 2010

London & Westminster Uni

So I went to Westminster Uni yesterday for an open day to look at Photographic Arts course at Harrow. Thought it was pretty good however I think my first choice so far is Southampton Solent Uni as they offer Fashion with Photography course which sounds awesome. Although I would love to live in London, going on the tube was so quick and easy (I'm such a tourist in cities!) and fairly cheap to get a year pass as well. Living costs may be super expensive but I suppose in the long run it would pay off as there's so much going on in one of the fashion capitals of the world. I'm also looking at London College of Communication where Rankin graduated from. :) Shall be going to an open day in autumn.

(Rankin, photographer. Love his celebrity portraits!)

London is so full of life and there's always something going on. Compared to my little boring town of Bridgwater in Somerset, London is certainly the place to be for fashion and photography. When I was walking through Oxford Street I saw so many fashionable people from such a diverse range of styles. Also the fusion of ethnicities and fashion was very inspiring, I want to move to a city that inspires me! Southampton is a nice place but London had that extra zest, the city is always awake which I love. Plus the numerous galleries shall never bore me and you can make so many contacts; networking in London would be a bonus! In addition to that, I would like to move to London sometime in my life, so why not at 17? :) So many pros and cons to consider.

Firstly I've got to get in the Uni I like the most! Must get cracking with my portfolio and personal statement then! Here's some snaps I took from my day trip. I forgot to mention, I saw Richard E. Grant on the tube! Loved him in Withnail & I! haha. I'll never tire from seeing celebrities every day as well. :D

(from the Tate Modern gallery, Exposed exhibition)

(From the Tate Modern. Valie Export, Action Pants: Gentital Panic, 1969)

(From the Deimar Noble Photography gallery, Threads: Six Masters of Fashion Photography. Above, Helmut Newton)

(photo from outside the BBC television centre. My mama and I! )

I love London! Shall be visiting you again soon! :)

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