Monday, 28 February 2011

Inimtacy Photography Project Final Pieces

Hey Everyone.

I put doing a fair amount of photography work with new projects and shoots. This entry will focus on my final piece prints for my A Level Photography course. This project I looked at intimacy and the different ways it can be portrayed photographically. In the end I decided to create a mock magazine 'Obscura' (as in Camera Obscura, Latin for dark chamber aka a camera) and create very minimalistic alternative front covers. I used photographs I had edited from this project as part of my final piece and presented it in magazine layout with little text so more emphasis was on the images. Tell me what you think (btw, I got an A for this project! Woop!) :D


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Hey Everyone

So it's been a while since I posted here! My bad, must be more consistent but sooooo much coursework and university interviews and portfolio stuff. Yup a busy bee and I don't even have a job! haha

Despite my lack of blogging I have been involved in numerous projects. One notably is my volunteering for Chilton Generations Together, which is a local community secondary project. I've volunteered as an associate photographer to local based professional photographer, Laura Rouse and taking backstage snaps and photographically documenting workshops whilst heading a blog for this project.


I'm participating in an open day this Saturday, 5th March 2.30-5.30pm so if you happen to live in Bridgwater, Somerset (UK) or know anyone who has attended Chilton Trinity secondary school, this volunteer based project would be idea for you. It's day to celebrate the school's history, share generations' of memories and even have a chance to get photographed in a photo booth by Laura Rouse.

Check out Laura Rouse's Photography here

Also this blog aims to share ex-students memories of this school and hopefully feature these tales on the open day. I must admit, I didn't attend this secondary school however volunteering my photographic skills and learning from professionals this has been a beneficial experience.

Check out the logo I made for this project.


Sunday, 6 February 2011

Photograph of the Day > Life Adjustment Center by Ryan McGinley

Today I said to myself that I was going to sit down and properly focus on my Photography coursework but I just couldn't resist reading my daily feed of Homotography and what do I see?... this beautiful monochrome photograph of a naked man with an alligator in a studio. How wonderful!
This is shot by the talented photographer, Ryan McGinley who has shot the likes of Kate Moss, Ellen Page, M.I.A, Tilda Swinton, Michael Cera, Casey Affleck, Seth Rogen, James McAvoy amongst many others. I only had just discovered his work today and what a lovely surprise. I must admit there's a lot of full frontal nudity in his projects which I'm still debating whether I find appealing however, nudity aside his creativity and vast imagination has produced spectacular art pieces.
This series of photos features many different animals with nude 'humans' and are shot in the forest and the studio. It gives an 'Adam & Eve'-esque feel to these photos with very interesting angles and motions. Also the way he captures the animals expressions is amazing.
I chose this particular photo as this was the image that captured my attention. The interaction between the male model and the baby alligator is surreal, serene and spectacular. (< like my alliteration there?!) :D
Beautifully shot!
This also reminded me of Helmut Newton's infamous photograph with a female model being eaten by an crocodile. (See my feature on Helmut Newton here)

Helmut Newton
Crocodile, 1980

(C) Ryan McGinley
Wes (Gator), 2010


Friday, 4 February 2011

Photograph of the Day > Alex Pettyfer by Tyler Shields

(no copyright infringement intended (c) Tyler Shields)

OK, so I try not to be biased in my 'Photograph of the Day' feature however after viewing the talented and often sexual images of LA based photographer/video maker Tyler Shields I couldn't resist. He has set his trademark in portraiture and fashion photographer where he often snaps Hollywood's rising stars. To some his work is tasteful and arousing, to others exploitive and unnecessary; whatever your view is he simple demands your attention nonetheless. His style is reminiscent of Terry Richardson however I think Shields has his own established style.

 I chose the handsome young actor, Alex Petterfer who has starred in Stormbreaker, Wild Child and upcoming blockbusters, I Am Number Four and Beastly, as I have found him charming since 2007. He hasn't failed to impress as he has also been featured in Burberry campaigns.
I particularly selected this shot as I liked the intensity in his eyes and how his intensity with the camera hasn't been distracted by two blonde models nibbling at him. His torn shirt and wet tousled hair exerts his masculinity which I find exciting and the models adds the glamour. I like the fusion of humour, sexiness and intensity in this shot and Shields has done a great job with this shoot. I also like his use of high contrast in his images.

See more from his shoot: 
(C) Tyler Shields


Nisha Haq Photography > Kiss With a Fist shoot

It's been a while since I posted a fashion/conceptual shoot. I've been doing quite a lot of shoots recently, just haven't gotten round to posting it yet or editing it even! There's soo many photos to sift through!

Thought I'd get the older shoots posted out of the way. :) In Nov 2010 I did a projection studio shoot with Jessica Croker and Charlie Conway. I had the idea of projecting light with typography on some Powerpoint point slides. The concept derived from an editorial in Vogue Paris, May 2009 issue called 'Game Girl' featuring my favourite model Daria Werbowy photographed by the incredible duo Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. She plays a sexy kick ass fighter and throws ninja-esque moves on guys. I love the passion in her actions and the way Inez and Vindooh captures it. The idea of 'sexing' up violence is quite interesting especially as the roles are reversed.

Here's my mood board and research page for this shoot:

I developed this fashion fighting idea whilst listening to Kiss with a Fist (see video here) by Florence and the Machine. I really liked the lyrics:

You hit me once
I hit you back
You gave a kick
I gave a slap
You smashed a plate over my head
Then I set fire to our bed

A kick to the teeth is good for some
A kiss with a fist is better then none

I projected some of these lyrics on Jessica and Charlie in my college studio and created something like this: I added brushes of paint splatter in Photoshop.

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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

RAG Day Night Life Party Photos II

Just edited some more night life photos from the RAG Day party at the Palace, Bridgwater. Taken 16th Dec 2010. See original post: RAG Day Night Life Party Photos

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RAG Day Night Life Party Photos

You may have read my post on RAG Day Dress Up Photos post where people dressed up in Bridgwater College to raise money for charities. Well of course there was an RAG day college party in the evening at the Palace which was also the end of year party. Also did a post on RAG Day Pre Party Photos

It was quite hard to be allowed to go to this party as I had been banned from this. Yes, I have done some regrettable things in my life. One notable event was when I was completely drunk out of my head from the previous college party that they banned me from the RAG Day one which was a major inconvenience (but I thankfully learned my lesson after making a huge fool of myself! I know my limit now!). Inconvenient because I wanted to take 'intimate' photographs of people in the nightclub scene for my intimacy project for Photography and explore different long exposure techniques. I was inspired by Nikola Tamindzic, a brilliant Nightlife/fashion/portrait photographer based in New York who captures amazing night life photographs. I'll be doing a post on his work soon :D

It was pretty fun taking photos of people having fun though was pretty gutted I didn't get off with anyone that night! haha.. maybe next time when I'm not on the job, I'll be on the prowl. LOL.

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More to come soon :D