Monday, 28 February 2011

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Hey Everyone

So it's been a while since I posted here! My bad, must be more consistent but sooooo much coursework and university interviews and portfolio stuff. Yup a busy bee and I don't even have a job! haha

Despite my lack of blogging I have been involved in numerous projects. One notably is my volunteering for Chilton Generations Together, which is a local community secondary project. I've volunteered as an associate photographer to local based professional photographer, Laura Rouse and taking backstage snaps and photographically documenting workshops whilst heading a blog for this project.


I'm participating in an open day this Saturday, 5th March 2.30-5.30pm so if you happen to live in Bridgwater, Somerset (UK) or know anyone who has attended Chilton Trinity secondary school, this volunteer based project would be idea for you. It's day to celebrate the school's history, share generations' of memories and even have a chance to get photographed in a photo booth by Laura Rouse.

Check out Laura Rouse's Photography here

Also this blog aims to share ex-students memories of this school and hopefully feature these tales on the open day. I must admit, I didn't attend this secondary school however volunteering my photographic skills and learning from professionals this has been a beneficial experience.

Check out the logo I made for this project.


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