Wednesday, 2 February 2011

RAG Day Night Life Party Photos

You may have read my post on RAG Day Dress Up Photos post where people dressed up in Bridgwater College to raise money for charities. Well of course there was an RAG day college party in the evening at the Palace which was also the end of year party. Also did a post on RAG Day Pre Party Photos

It was quite hard to be allowed to go to this party as I had been banned from this. Yes, I have done some regrettable things in my life. One notable event was when I was completely drunk out of my head from the previous college party that they banned me from the RAG Day one which was a major inconvenience (but I thankfully learned my lesson after making a huge fool of myself! I know my limit now!). Inconvenient because I wanted to take 'intimate' photographs of people in the nightclub scene for my intimacy project for Photography and explore different long exposure techniques. I was inspired by Nikola Tamindzic, a brilliant Nightlife/fashion/portrait photographer based in New York who captures amazing night life photographs. I'll be doing a post on his work soon :D

It was pretty fun taking photos of people having fun though was pretty gutted I didn't get off with anyone that night! haha.. maybe next time when I'm not on the job, I'll be on the prowl. LOL.

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More to come soon :D


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