Friday, 4 February 2011

Photograph of the Day > Alex Pettyfer by Tyler Shields

(no copyright infringement intended (c) Tyler Shields)

OK, so I try not to be biased in my 'Photograph of the Day' feature however after viewing the talented and often sexual images of LA based photographer/video maker Tyler Shields I couldn't resist. He has set his trademark in portraiture and fashion photographer where he often snaps Hollywood's rising stars. To some his work is tasteful and arousing, to others exploitive and unnecessary; whatever your view is he simple demands your attention nonetheless. His style is reminiscent of Terry Richardson however I think Shields has his own established style.

 I chose the handsome young actor, Alex Petterfer who has starred in Stormbreaker, Wild Child and upcoming blockbusters, I Am Number Four and Beastly, as I have found him charming since 2007. He hasn't failed to impress as he has also been featured in Burberry campaigns.
I particularly selected this shot as I liked the intensity in his eyes and how his intensity with the camera hasn't been distracted by two blonde models nibbling at him. His torn shirt and wet tousled hair exerts his masculinity which I find exciting and the models adds the glamour. I like the fusion of humour, sexiness and intensity in this shot and Shields has done a great job with this shoot. I also like his use of high contrast in his images.

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(C) Tyler Shields


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