Sunday, 6 February 2011

Photograph of the Day > Life Adjustment Center by Ryan McGinley

Today I said to myself that I was going to sit down and properly focus on my Photography coursework but I just couldn't resist reading my daily feed of Homotography and what do I see?... this beautiful monochrome photograph of a naked man with an alligator in a studio. How wonderful!
This is shot by the talented photographer, Ryan McGinley who has shot the likes of Kate Moss, Ellen Page, M.I.A, Tilda Swinton, Michael Cera, Casey Affleck, Seth Rogen, James McAvoy amongst many others. I only had just discovered his work today and what a lovely surprise. I must admit there's a lot of full frontal nudity in his projects which I'm still debating whether I find appealing however, nudity aside his creativity and vast imagination has produced spectacular art pieces.
This series of photos features many different animals with nude 'humans' and are shot in the forest and the studio. It gives an 'Adam & Eve'-esque feel to these photos with very interesting angles and motions. Also the way he captures the animals expressions is amazing.
I chose this particular photo as this was the image that captured my attention. The interaction between the male model and the baby alligator is surreal, serene and spectacular. (< like my alliteration there?!) :D
Beautifully shot!
This also reminded me of Helmut Newton's infamous photograph with a female model being eaten by an crocodile. (See my feature on Helmut Newton here)

Helmut Newton
Crocodile, 1980

(C) Ryan McGinley
Wes (Gator), 2010


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