Friday, 20 August 2010

New Edits from Dibble Hawk Shoot I

So I've been busy editing away today and managed to edit 2 photos from the Mohawk shoot I did with Kim Dibble in July 2010 in Bridgwater. I'm quite chuffed that I actually cracked down and did some work, so all in all, I've been fairly productive with my time. Also found that listening to Michael Buble makes post processing more relaxing as well!

I want to explore many styles in portraiture photography and try to incorporate different methods and fashions. These edits have a softer touch to them and are not contrasty or dark like some of my other works have been. I didn't want to smother them with rusty textures as I wanted to maintain the soft pastel colours from the sunset shooting through the photograph. I think Kim looks really natural here and I'm really glad that I managed to capture it so quickly within a frame or two.

The fashion: Jumper, (Kim Dibble), Topshop
Lace Tights, (mine),
Combat Boots, (Sophie Higgins), New Look

Tip Toe My World

I added a Radial Blur (on Photoshop CS2 above, see Filter > Blur) to create a soft spinning world effect for the background.

A Peaceful Treat
I changed the 'E' in 'Street' to 'Treat' to go with the idea that the day was a 'treat' to experience and the beautiful sunset was peaceful.

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