Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Photograph of the Day > Bangladesh by Ben Liney

Wow. This is an amazing, captivating image of a Bengali man. The monochrome tones and those piercing eyes with that hard face certainly makes this photography speak a thousand words. I believe there is power yet hurt in his eyes even though he looks like a working man in poverty. Ben Liney has managed to capture an extraordinary image and the shallow depth of field has allowed him to focus purely on his deep expression. I've also featured this photograph due to my background being Bengali, and seeing a collection of photographs where my family is from is amazing to see. Even though Bangladesh is one the most impoverished countries in the world today, there is still a lot of life and culture to see.

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R said...

Wow, Nisha I agree with you. I love the way the light captures every detail of his face. I love going to Bangladesh and just observing peoples normality in everyday lives and this picture captures that. Woop, Woop!! Big it up for Bangladesh!! :)