Monday, 2 August 2010

Photograph of the Day > From a Secret Garden by Zhang Jingna

From a Secret Garden by Zhang Jingna

This photo is simply breathtakingly beautiful; from the smoky azure blue to the model, Grace Tay's soft sombre expression; this photo manages to capture emotive concepts and Zhang Jingna conveys this to the viewer gracefully. The lighting and soft tones makes this image mystical yet magical and the overall styling (hair, make up, wardrobe) has modern elegance. Also the dying flowers adds to the emotive story. Jingna's work is truly inspirational, enchanting and fascinating.

Photography/direction: Zhang Jingna
Production assistant: Ken Koh
Costume design/styling assistant: Dawn Poh
Model: Grace Tay
Hair: Joanna Koh
Makeup: Hannah Oh
Photography assistants: Aaron Sze, Faith Sim

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