Friday, 20 August 2010

AS Level Results Day!

So today was A Level results day for the nation. Yesterday I was feeling okay and didn't really think much about today, but when I woke up this morning, gee was I getting anxious and fairly nauseated! I couldn't even eat my breakfast because I felt kind of sick which could also be due to stuffing my face for dinner the previous night; nevertheless, the fact I couldn't eat told me I was genuinely scared to open that envelope!

There have been many shocks today. First of all was managing to get out of bed at 7.30 on 5 hours sleep and then not missing the bus to go to town!

The second shock was the 'biggie' of the day. I was walking with Matt who I met at the bus station and we saw BBC Somerset at Bridgwater College with a camera. It made the day more daunting! I then met up with my friends, Laura, Georgia and Tiki in college. We then screamed at each other in anticipation and decided to make our ascent to get our results from the first floor.

I saw people upset, in total shock and jumping in excitement over their grades. It was still very early in the day at like 9.30 yet there were many people upstairs collecting their results. I walked over to the table where they had surnames beginning with 'H'. I couldn't wait to open my AS level results, so I tore open the envelope...and...

Discovered I miraculously managed to get 3 A's and a C! I was especially happy with the fact that I got full marks for my June exam in Sociology (120/120) which was pretty insane seeing I literally revised like 2 days before. I also got full marks for Graphic Design Unit 2 (80/80) which I'm very pleased with as I put so much effort into my sketchbooks, looks like it paid off. And for Photography I got an A too, and am happy I managed to get 117/120  for my coursework considering my exam had to be postponed a week due to a delayed flight from Seattle. The only disappointment was getting a C in psychology but I can retake that exam in Janurary. I'm glad I passed!

The shock of opening the letter and realizing what I got took a while. Photographs were being taken at my face looking either 'spaced out shock' or frowning as realization hadn't hit in yet. Photographers were everywhere and I had lots taken of my friends and I. I'm just glad I can say I got good results and that I'm smiling.

So all in all, it looks pretty good. Even though AS levels are just 50% of the overall A Level; you apply to University with these results and they can reject or accept. All I can say is that I'm rather chuffed with my 3 A's. All I want now is some A*'s for next year and to get into University with my results! Better start writing away on my personal statement!

Now that I've found out my AS level results, I'm dreading applying for Uni and choosing the right one for me! This academic year I better roll my sleeves up 'cos I've got a lot of work to do!

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