Monday, 9 August 2010

Photograph of the Day > Pin Up Beach Girl by Hannah Aitchison

I came across this amazing image from my awesome friend Swebb who has really gotten me into tattoos. I copied this from Hannah Aitchison Facebook and she has an extraordinary tattoo gallery. I've recently been really interested by pin up tattoos and pin up/burlesque culture. I love the 20's-40's style of pin up girl as their hair and make up was always immaculate with pretty dresses and sexy lingerie; the embodiment of a beautiful woman. This particular tattoo has a magical, swashbuckling element with the pirate ship in the background and the beautiful blonde in the foreground with a cocktail. The attention to detail and vibrant colours certainly makes this tattoo like no other and Hannah's ability is amazing and world renowned. She has also featured on LA Ink, created by Kat Von D for seasons 1-2 and as her tattoo's are so sought after, there's a waiting list from 6 months- 2 years! She's certainly an exceptional talent.


Swebb said...

Love this piece!
She is one of my favourites, probably prefer her to Kat as an artist :D x

natalie rees said...

woah!..this is incredible :) x

mashnash said...

this piece is epic.
I love this tattoo :)
i want one done by her!