Monday, 30 August 2010

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Rickshaw by Adam Panczuk
Adam Panczuk Photography
I was browsing through icon_ology and was intrigued by the rickshaw story from Delhi as I've been on one and it's certainly an experience. The streets are bustling, full of life and colour, there's people going many places in all directions all around you. Everyone has a story and a destination. The fumes are overwhelming in such a crowded polluted city yet the breeze you get whilst sitting on the back of a rickshaw is wonderful in the sticky heat especially at night. It's also fascinating how some small men can carry such a great load carrying up to 3 even up to 4 people at once on a rickshaw. Also there's carriages that one rickshaw cyclists carry up to 8/9 people, their strength is amazing. 
I chose this photo Adam Panczuk as the quiet contentment in his eyes was peaceful even though his hard work is tedious. It's full of much effort especially at his age and very dangerous as he's scraping against buses, cars and avoiding the many people walking on the road only just for a few rupees to get him a little meal to eat. This journalistic photography works even better in monochrome and the shallow depth of field puts focus on his captivating eyes revealing a great story behind his eyes. I also like how this still reveals he's a rickshaw driver with the bicycle in the background. Panczuk has a series of photographs of this rickshaw story from 2000.

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