Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Photograph of the Day > Biafra Woman by Don McCullin

Biafra Woman by Don McCullin

I was researching monochrome photojournalism and came across Don McCullin's extraordinary work depicting images of unemployed, downtrodden and the impoverished. His war photography has especially been hard-hitting to the media and viewers taking photographs of Vietnam war and Northern Ireland conflict. The above images was taken in war-torn Biafra in the 60's. When I saw this image, I was instantly shocked and great photo journalim has to have that effect. McCullin comments on his work:
'It is difficult to associate the word "dignity" with conditions such as I photograph, yet dignity is what I try to show.'
He manages to do both things in this photo, shock and dignity for the persons represented. The mother may be starved to her bones and practically have no milk in her breasts, yet she tries to feed her newborn with dignity. I haven't been horrified from a photo in a while and this photo certainly manages to do that. Also how McCullin manages to capture the soft sadness in her eyes is extraordinary. This image is much more demanding and emotive to the viewer in black and white.

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Or at Channel4.com


R said...

I love the way you describe and explain your photos of the day. This is a very captivating and emotive picture.

mashnash said...

thank you!
yes, this photo instantly caught my attention too.