Monday, 21 March 2011

Typography 'Who Needs Helvetica' Posters

For my previous Graphic Design project I explored typography and felt like creating a bold colourful poster. I usually use my own photographs and mix typography within the image but this time wanted to focus solely on the type and message more. I was browsing the internet and kept seeing everyone praising Helvetica and wearing t-shirts, making movie documentaries etc and wanted to give the other typefaces the limelight! (hehe)

I think Helvetica is a great font and has revolutionized graphic design, typography and the way we read in public places. As I don't have this typeface I thought I'd show my appreciation to two of my favourite fonts, Bebas Neue (from and Georgia (a free font with Microsoft and a web standard font). I constantly use these fonts and think they're great and simple.

For these edits I wanted to jazz it up and create an almost 3D effect when you look at it. I also added a small textured border to draw you into the font. Hope you like it! Just random fun editing on Photoshop CS2 :D


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