Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Born This Way, Lady Gaga - New Music Video

N.B I've just realized my facts have been mistaken in this post so I've changed it as of 09/03/11!

Watch Lady Gaga's Born This Way video here! :)

So after watching Lady Gaga's new video for the quickest iTunes downloaded song and 1000th number-one song on the US Hot 100 charts, Born This Way; I had to blog about about how bizarre, creepy and captivating this conceptual video is.

The song and video is written by Lady Gaga, directed by legendary fashion photographer Nick Knight (must do a feature on him!), produced by Vincent Herbert, choreographed by Laurie Ann Gibson and features Thierry Mugler's skull concept from his A/W 11 collection which shows the monster credits attached to this video. (see his fashion concept film featuring Lady Gaga Remix here) The new creative director of Mugler has been appointed the fabulous Nicola Formichetti.

As an avid fan on Gaga's work I must say I wasn't blown away by this song or video unlike her ground-breaking Paparazzi and Bad Romance music/mini-film videos. When I first watched this I kept thinking of the film Aliens where creepy-acid-pumping-sharp-teethed creatures where going to burst out of Lady Gaga's chest which wasn't a pleasant thought.

The opening scene is of a unicorn and vibrant rainbow lights (which I have also noticed in Ke$ha Blow music video!) where the viewer is instantly transported to a world of sci-fi wonder. The viewer is then lead to believe they are seeing Gaga's face (which reminds me of Bowie especially with the neon pink triangular strobe lights around it) until you realize it's painted on. The eyeball on Gaga's chin is creepy but her make-up and hair is remarkable (bravo hair/MUA!). Her introductory speech telling the story of this video is creepy and slightly melodramatic however without this the viewer would feel very confused without a narrative. Though I do like the dramatic classical music accompanying the monologue. Some scenes remind me of Hindu art with the lotus flowers referring to Lakshmi, the Godess of fertility (amongst other things). Also the kaleidoscope effect where it gives the illusion of giving birth and hands in 'intimate' places is an interesting and colourful use of manipulating video and perception which I like (though is still very creepy!). I have noticed how her legs are 'spread eagled' for a remarkable amount of time in this video which shows Gaga's persistent sexual nature in her videos.

She then shoots her machine gun after her waving her voluminous blonde hair around, possibly making reference to her Alejandro video or just because she likes machine guns! After her 2.30 minute introduction we can finally listen to the song! I must say her body is very sexy and wonderfully toned and even her weird horned removable cheek implants doesn't defer her sex appeal.

My favourite part of the video is when we see Mugler's 'skull' model (also seen in his fashion film here) as I love this look. Considered as Formichetti's muse, Rick Genest is known as 'Zombie Boy'. I've just realized he is in fact permanently tattooed all over and that it isn't make up art! No wonder he's Nicola muse! I love how they are both dressed in tuxedo's and how she dances around him whilst he remains standing firm. The sinister cryptic look in his eyes (enhanced by extraordinary make up) is captivating.

At the end she makes reference to Michael Jackson's The Way you Make me Feel where she highlights the iconic white glove and his denim shirt he wore in the video. I'm not too sure what this means in relation to 'Born this Way' (please comment if you do!).

Though this music video has been somewhat disappointing in it's ability to fully captivate and inspire me I do love the creativity, overall bizarre factor and Gaga's crazy ways. I believe she focused too much on its concept about birth and forgot about letting go and being 'who you are' such as the lyric '"there's nothin wrong with lovin who you are"'. Nevertheless Gaga's continues to enthral me and revolutionize what a music video is and can be. Love you Gaga!

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