Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Flickr Pro Account, Twitter... and more changes :D

So I've upgraded my Flickr account to a Pro account! woop, so now I can feature all my photos (unlike before where only my recent 200 photos were shown) and organize my photos better :) This means I can keep on top of my photos which will help me post my work here! I've also organized my sets of photos into chronological order! woop, ( I may be a little too happy about this! haha) Like I have said many times before... I will post regularly on here 'cause I love blogging so shall defo' keep up to date with this!..  I WILL!! haha

I've also just got TWITTER!! haha so follow me if you want to keep up to date with my banter.. (haha) and other general shananigans that relate to photography, art, music, and all things M.A.S.H!

I'm also thinking of re-vamping this blog and make it easier to navigate and more simplified... plus I have still yet to create a banner/logo for this blog!!! So changes shall be made here as well!

Loads of new edits to post... coming very soon! woop woop :D


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