Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Olivia Haigh is much 'Hawter'

So in response to the beautiful Olivia's post about my work: I thought I would return the wonderful favour and do another feature on her amazing work (plus she's 18 like me! Her birthday is a day after mine).

Olivia Haigh is... well, where do I start? There are certainly way too many adjectives to describe her general amazing-ness. She's incredibly talented and inspiring, you could go to the extent of calling her a polymath as she's a big bubble of creativity. She can play piano, cello, sing, song-write, paint, write wonderfully, and simply create awesome pieces of art! Not only is she a talented creative but has set up a small business selling her work as designs including beautiful hats! Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to purchase a Haigh original!

Her work is exquisite, eye-catching and her artistic technique is amazing. I love how she paints; you don't need to have the fine detail like Goya or or the landscapes like Monet to create a captivating painting. Haigh captures true emotion in her work and every stroke she paints is with feeling. I particularly love her self-portraits; as I've looked into self-identity myself seeing how she perceives herself is especially interesting. Her artwork isn't your typical painting which is exciting and refreshing to see. I also like how she varies from emotional, dark, moody work to bright, colourful quirky pieces giving the view plenty to adore. Her work is simply magic and comes to life before your eyes. She's definitely one to watch!

Here's a few artworks that Haigh has beautifully created:

Source & Further Reading:

Self Portrait

The good times :)

M.A.S.H :)

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