Sunday, 13 November 2011

Video of the Week > It Will Rain - Bruno Mars

Following on from my previous post 'Stewart Sizzles in Michelangelo di Battista Shoot' where Kristen Stewart is promoting her Breaking Dawn film I couldn't help but blog about the official song for the film, It Will Rain by Bruno Mars. Despite not being that interested in the new film coming out or the hype surrounding it, I thought Mars' single was beautiful and heartfelt. His vocals are stunning and I particularly love his lyrics and how he puts a song together. His ballads are always a hit and he's only been in the limelight for a year or so yet he's certainly put his stamp on the music industry. I love the soft piano echoes throughout the song and the chilled out beat. I've enjoyed this song so much that I've decided to play it on guitar!

Check out the new video here featuring clips of Breaking Dawn:


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