Monday, 25 October 2010

Design Layout Under Construction

Hey Everyone

I've been re-jigging my layout and thought it was time for a new look.
I'm going fairly minimal with the white and I've only just realized you can adjust the width borders which is great so now I can post larger pictures. woop!

Design inspired by blogs such as and Love their simple white layout, it makes the content the focus of attention rather the distracting gadgets on the site and busy backgrounds.

As much as I'd like to go full on minimalistic, thought I'd keep a touch of my colourful personality and added a splash of pink, purple and gold. Also the background image is my own photograph. Click this link to see on DeviantArt to download:

I'm currently designing a logo for M.A.S.H so that shall hopefully be updated.

But for now, just keep loving each day you live...

p.s I'm loving The Pretty Reckless at the moment! :D


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