Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Hype on LookBook > Autumn Lady in Red

Hey Everyone

I was introduced to this great style site by Ebony recently created a LookBook profile and there's so many awesome looks from fabulous fashionista's around the world. It's a great source of inspiration and has certainly given me great ideas for different ways to dress and combine styles.

Here's my first lookbook submission :) Hype it or like it on facebook. there's a hype button below or to the side bar >>> . Thanks!

Autumn Lady in Red

About my look: Wanted to keep in theme with the autumn colours so went with the maroon tartan mid-length skirt which was a bargain buy from Oxfam and teamed it up with goth lace tights, combat boots, which I love and a biker jacket. I colour coordinated the skirt with a camel long sleeved top and wore it with a wooly hat. Being comfortable and warm is what I like best :)

p.s Thanks Lauhren for snapping me! haha



R said...

You look very Autumnal, stylish and youthful. In fact, you even look slim with that outfit! You should model for New Look! :) Nice one .... can I borrow your tights? :P xx

mashnash said...

thanks, was keeping to the autumn theme :)
lol, i don't look fat?!?!?!?
sure, you can borrow my tights :)
ly x