Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Autumn Trend > Siwy Denim A 2011 Look Book

To me it seems crazy to even think about autumn when summer hasn't even really started in Britain (well down in the South West, April was the summer!) but when I saw these simple but very stylish clothes teamed with sexy denim I thought I'd post some trend related photos.

Siwy Denim, launched from New York, create 'easy-to-wear' look for all shapes and sizes and I think would look great on both small & tall people (Horray for little me!) Their latest autumn collection is called 'Crazy on You'.  I don't really see denim as a trend any more as it'll always be trendy! It's just the different cuts and shades and what to wear it with that changes from season to season. I'll certainly be taking style tips from Siwy Denim this autumn. Anyways.. enjoy next season's looks from Siwy Denim:

Further Reading: shop Siwy Denim

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