Monday, 4 July 2011

Summer Movie Guide (UK)

Despite the majority of posts being about photography and fashion I still love to blog about general things that interest me; in particular I'm a big film fan and regularly spend my evenings being up-to-date on

Due to my local cinema (which only has 2 screens btw!) which has only recently boosted to 3D technology digital screens a few months ago, I've certainly been trying to see as many new releases as possible. So far this year I've been to see (click on film titles to link to page)



So far this year I would say my top 3 films would be The Hangover Part II, Thor and X-Men: First Class and a special mention to Submarine; one of the best independent British films I've seen in a while.

I loved the humour in The Hangover, 'manly' action in Thor, drama and effects in X-Men: First Class...
... and the sweet & simply touching storyline in Submarine.

The films I'm looking forward to this summer (UK release dates) are:

10th June: Kung Fu Panda 2
17th June: Bad Teacher  
 8th July: Super
22nd July: Cars 2
 19th Aug: Cowboys & Aliens
 2nd Sept: Fright Night
 9th Sept: Jane Eyre


Looks like this summer of movies looks like a good one! What are your anticipated films of this summer?


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