Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Video of the Day > Horrible Bosses - 15+ Trailer

A trailer can really 'make or break' a film (hence there's big money in trailer production!) and this new 'red band' (I assume is some American phrase) trailer for Horrible Bosses is very funny. I hadn't heard of this movie until today and watching the trailer (below) has certainly made me want to see this in the cinema! To be honest, I'm not a fan of films that Jennifer Aniston features in (don't get me wrong I love Friends to the extreme!) however this film looks genuinely funny and taps in to everyones' humour from around the world. There are many American blockbuster comedies that I don't find funny, but the Horrible Bosses trailer made me laugh a lot. I enjoyed Charlie DayJason Sudeikis performance in Going the Distance and I think Kevin Spacey is an amazing actor. Also Colin Farrell is totally rocking the half-bald look (reminds me of the Tom Cruise look in Tropic Thunder) and I liked Jason Bateman in Juno. So this certainly has a solid cast, not to forget Jamie Foxx and Ioan Gruffudd also features, so I'm expecting big things!

The basic plot is that 'Three friends conspire to murder their awful bosses when they realize they are standing in the way of their happiness.'- (IMDb.com) This is going to be released 22 July 2011 in the UK.

My favourite dialogue in the trailer is:

KURT                          Wait Wait, what's this for?
WETWORK MAN                   Wouldn't want to a leave a stain now, would we?
DALE                          Your ad says you do 'wet work'
WETWORK MAN                   I urinate on other men for money. Why else do you
                              think my ad was in the 'Mens  seeking men' section
KURT                          You fucking idiot!
NICK                          Could you be any dumber?
DALE                          We are MEN looking for a MAN!


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