Monday, 27 December 2010

Artist of the Week + Music Videos > Fefe Dobson

So Artist of the Week goes to Fefe Dobson, a fun young rock/pop chick with some cool attitude. I discovered her today on Ali's Blog. I love her individual style and how she doesn't like to be typecast into a typical pop/R&B star... I love her rock'n'roll edge. She's also a great singer-songwriter and has her songs covered by the likes of Jordin Sparks, Miley Cyrus and Selena and the Scene. Her songs has also been featured in many American commercials like Tommy Hilfiger, Whip It and America's Next Top Model and TV Dramas like One Tree Hill, 90210, Vampire Diaries and Hellcats.

Her latest singles are Stutterin' and Ghost which are great songs with a rock/pop edge however her earlier work you can really see her rock chick edge which is pretty awesome. It would be great to have her music come over to the UK! :)

Here's my top 6 official releases of hers:

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