Monday, 6 December 2010

Hurricane > 30 Seconds to Mars - New Music Video

EEK! New Music Video Alert! > Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars! I had found out about this video last Thurs night/Fri morning and was absolutely blown away by how amazing it was! I was even more excited about this video after watching all their preview material from their youtube channel, 30 Seconds to Mars and after seeing them live in Cardiff International Arena 2 weeks (OMG amazing!). I believe its the best video of this year, trumping Lady Gaga's monster music videos such as Telephone & Alejandro, Eminem's Love the Way You Lie and many others from the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce, Kanye West and Katy Perry.


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I think this may be the longest music video of this decade let alone this year at a lengthy 13.00 minutes of sex, violence and topless Leto. :P Debuted at this video certainly is controversial with the many scenes of S&M and bondage, secret fetishisms, violence with creepy guys in masks and religious connotations with a Rabbi, Imam and Priest throwing holy books into the fire. Exactly how did 30STM get away with it? Despite the many 'CENSORED' shots flashing across the screen in bold black and red there is still a lot of sex & violence which is exciting and in a way refreshing to see it not done in a sleezy manner. Bartholemew Cummins (writer and director aka Jared Leto) certainly knows how to story tell and open the viewer to a new unexplored fantasy. This video is ambitious, daring, enticing, provocative and simply brilliant! On he states how various scenes had made the video explicit content and censored scenes. Check out the list here.

I think it's ridiculous how so much is cut out when on prime-time TV there are scenes of sexual nature and violence. One video that particularly comes to mind is Lady Gaga's Alejandro video where she is practically having 'dry' sex on a bed with gay guys and kind of having group sex in a nun's PVC outfit. Also videos from 50 Cent and other rappers have used many sexual videos with half naked ladies doing provocative gestures. In addition, Maroon 5's Misery video was fairly violent (this was altered for UK play with animation on top). I think the censorship board or whoever decides on what can be aired on TV should be less stingy and allow the creativity of storytelling. The censorship ruins the flow of the video and the very erotic scenes only flash for a second or less. It's not as if Jared Leto is shoving sex down your throat.

Anyway, after my rant on why so much is censored there are probably a lot of people who would disagree such as parents non sexual fanatics. This does exploit dark fantasies however the mind-blowing cinematography with CGI effects and an imaginative narrative of birth, life & death outweigh the controversies associated with this explosive music video that is HURRICANE! :D

What do you think about this video?


Anonymous said...

bart has walked a far path from my so called life with this one. HaHa! ! I think this its imperative to the storyline and the viewers that's are mesmerized by this piece of art to have the choice to pick to see it uncensored when we want when ever we want instead of mind numbing trash like radio phone and baby baby being shoved down my throat!!! well not since chevelle's red has anything been on repeat so hard and im a pink friday diva from harlem in my christians all day but I must say bart needs to tell dem niccas to eats his shorts really tho

mashnash said...

thank you for you comment
i agree, censoring everything has become such an issue in popular culture and ruins the art of storytelling.
funny you say 'mind numbing trash like radio phone' as i like that song. haha.
and just listened to chevelle's red and it's really good :D thanks