Thursday, 23 December 2010

Nisha Haq Photography > Intimacy Studio Shoot

It's been a while since I posted my latest projects here but have been a busy bee editing, doing shoots, Christmas shopping (and spending time with family).. but I shall not succumb to being a lazy blogger! haha.. so Christmas in 2 days!! eek, thought I'd post what I've been getting up to lately before Xmas :)

3 weeks ago I did a photo shoot with the lovely Laura Nesbitt and her boyfriend, Morgan Hassall who agreed very kindly to do intimate shots for my A Level photography project > Intimacy. I wanted to use the studio to give a clean, soft, simple look that only focused on the couple, like the professional studios do for families. It was a struggle at first especially as I wasn't sure on studio lighting equipment as this was really my first time using the studio all by myself. I knew I had to get practice sooner or later particularly as I'm applying for Photography at University! I managed to find the awesome photography technician, Sarah who taught me how to use it. I had only had an hour with Laura and Morgan and practically 30 mins was used on setting up the lights and getting the right mood.

My original intention was to create the John Lennon, Yoko Ono Rolling stones cover photographed by Annie Leibovitz however after the time taken with the lights I only had  15 mins to shoot. I scrapped that idea after I couldn't get the right angle as I couldn't get high enough above them to shoot down. I decided to simply get 'coupley' shots and go with the flow. Despite not being very organized Laura and Morgan were very patient and were great to work with especially with Laura's radiant natural beauty and their sweet chemistry they conveyed to the camera together. I was pretty pleased with the variation they gave me and didn't need too much direction as they were very comfortable in front of the camera which is always a bonus. Even though I roughly had 10 good minutes of shooting they came out pretty good.

Here are some final images from the shoot. More to come soon!

Have a lovely day and a Merry Christmas! :)

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